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Legal Gambling in Singapore on the Open, Home, and Online.

Let us first walk through the rules of casino operation in Singapore.Physical and offline casinos are allowed by the law. However, it has to be within Integrated Resorts. (IR)

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and Resort World Sentosa (RWS), both of which host restaurants, hotels with casinos, and international food and beverages. often featuring conference centres, amusement parks, theme parks, luxury retail, and fine dining.

Gambling in Singapore has changed over the years as entertainment and technology have improved. The now-trending games are 4D (4-digits), Toto, the Singapore Big Sweep, or hitting the two land-based casinos within the Integrated Resorts.

From there, people may not know the activities above are just one of many options. In Singapore, gambling covers a wide range of activities, and there is a tricky spot between legal and illegal gambling.

Gambling is a fun pastime, but people who tend to gamble run the risk of becoming addicted to gambling or being arrested unknowingly for illegal gambling methods.

This article will address the following questions:  

Table of Contents

  1. Who is not allowed to enter casinos in Singapore?
  2. Does Singapore allow gambling at home?
  3. What casinos are in Singapore?
  4. Who has legal licensing for gambling in Singapore?
  5. What are bookmakers: private bookies in gamble industry
  6. Summary

Who is not allowed to enter casinos in Singapore?

At the casino, bets usually begin at SGD 25. You must be at least 21 years old to enter the casino and gamble in Singapore.

Those under the age of 21 are not permitted to enter the casino premises.

An exception is Singapore Pools, which allows people as young as 18 to gamble on its products and venues. As proof of identity, you can use a driver’s license, a passport, an NRIC, an immigration pass, a student pass, a work permit, or other similar documents.

Physical social gambling, however, does not have a minimum age, which explains why Chinese New Year gatherings are always happening.

Does Singapore allow gambling at home?

In Singapore, common citizens are allowed to gamble at home under [Physical Social Gambling] which includes 2 qualifying factors;

1. Physical Gambling

In short, Physical Gambling must take place in person in an individual’s residence. That is exempt from illegal gambling.

  • This excludes physical venues, including but not limited to hotels, clubs, community centres, cafes, and chalets.
  • Games that involve money dealings between parties will be deemed to be gambling.

2. Social Gambling

People involved are either related family members or friends.

  • Gambling in a non-commercial nature.
  • Does not result in personal gain for any non-player.
    1. Say, the host of gambling activity at home does not participate and shall not charge fees or demand commissions from others.
    2. Players should not profit from activity aside from winning, setup such as being paid to play or to scheme.

The majority of Singaporeans engage in casual gambling activities, commonly classified as “social gambling.”During Chinese New Year, people may invite friends to play mahjong at home as a form of entertainment.

This is more common during holiday celebrations, but it can also be seen in daily recreation for the elderly or simply enthusiasts.

Gambling in any common space in Singapore is forbidden.

For family members at a funeral to gamble in a void deck, would be illegal because void decks are public places.

As there is a line to cross to violate the law, citizens must tread lightly when thinking of playing a hand or two in public.

Who has legal licensing for gambling in Singapore?

  1. It is legal to bet and game at licensed gambling operators. Two Singapore casino operators with casino licences were authorized to operate gambling activities legally in Singapore, within the Integrated Resort. (IR) Marina Bay Sands Resort and Resorts World Sentosa
  2. It is legal to place bets with legal bookmakers like Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club, with their licensing grant to provide gambling services.
  3. It is illegal to bet with underground or private bookmakers (bookies) who run their own payout and commission system off the official radar in horse racing bets, 4D, Toto lottery and etc.

If someone breaks the Act, they could get a fine of up to $10,000 or go to jail for up to 6 months, or both.

What are bookmakers: private bookies in gamble industry

People who facilitate gambling activity are addressed as “bookmakers“or “bookies.”

They set the payout odds, accept bets, place bets, and pay out winnings on behalf of their customers. As was already said, it is against the law to bet with private bookies because they make money when their customers win for commissions.

Also, they are not licensed entities to initiate gambling activity. This raises questions whenever the premise loses money or leaves the business to stop a player from claiming a big win.

Players on illegal gambling platforms lack valid legal recourse for fraud or payout getaways.


It is true that Singapore has a great gambling ecosystem with the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) and Casino Regulatory Authority overseeing it. But Singapore Pools only has Toto, the 4D lottery, and online betting on sports and races as ways to gamble.

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