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Is Live Casino legit in 2022? (Online Live Dealer in Singapore) | EU9

Is Live Casino legit in 2022? (Online Live Dealer in Singapore)

The online casino Singapore has started to offer live dealer games, which provide an engaging experience with real dealers who are broadcast to gamers playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more.

Our players have been asking if these live dealer games are real, and the answer is a resounding “yes!”

Live dealer games are just as official as playing a game at a physical casino.

There is a lot to learn about playing at live dealer casinos, and this article will give you all the information you need.

We’ll have your questions answered.

Before diving further, here is our recent post about Legal Gambling in Singapore in the Public, Home, and Online.

This article will address the following questions:

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Are Live Dealer Games Safe to Play?

It is legal to play live dealer games, as long as the online casino you choose is licensed and regulated properly.

That said, you should never engage in gambling activities at an unlawful web-based casino.

Cyberattacks could damage your computer, your personal information, and your money in ways that can’t be fixed. Cyber attack activities are commonly seen using phishing links, malware, DNS tunnelling, and password attacks.

Legal online casinos in Singapore, like Singapore Pool or 4D Toto, must follow a strict set of rules in order to get a license to operate. One of the steps in the evaluation process ensures the games are not fixed. If any of these legal web-based casinos were to manipulate their games, they would lose their permit to operate or face closure.

There are offshore-licensed casinos that go out of their way to offer more diverse game selections than a land-based casino can do.

Most of the time, reputable live casino gaming providers like YeeBet, Evo Wallet, DreamGame, Sexy Baccarat, Ezugi, King855, SAGaming, WMCasino, and Qtech can be found at reputable online casinos in Singapore.

How does Live casino work?

Live dealer games online are run by a real person, not a computer program, and let the player engage in a surreal experience.

This offers a combination of the thrill of a real casino with the comfort of being able to gamble no matter where you are.

The gaming tables are genuine, and the studio is tailored to the particular game. You can find a live dealer version of many of the classic casino games.

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Can a Live Dealer see you in Live casino game?

It is possible for additional participants to get involved during the course of the game and take a seat virtually next to you.

It is common to wonder if a dealer can see you in a live casino game. The answer is no.

You can converse with other players at the table through a live chat feature.

Your username and the messages will be the only things shown and recognizable by others, not your real identity.

Which live casino game is easiest to win?

Playing casino game – Blackjack offers you the highest chances of success since the house has an edge of only 1 per cent in most casinos.

Additionally, you are going up against the dealer instead of poker pros, who could be wearing hoods.

Blackjack is the simplest game to understand. All you need to do is try to get a higher score than the dealer without surpassing 21. Aim not to bust before the dealer. “Busting” means hitting your total number over 21 and losing the game.

Holding your ground can sometimes be effective in knocking your opponent out.

A total different strategies can be applied as long as your numbers are higher than the opposite players’ or dealers’ and you are not busted.

We recommend that you practise the game with your friends first, at home, to get a comfortable grip on it.

Our next article will further explain:

The best blackjack strategy to use for the best odds of winning real money.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Casino Games

Playing with live dealers at online casinos in Singapore is still a new thing, so you should think about the pros and cons of these games before you play.

Here is a summary of the major advantages and disadvantages of live dealer games for you to review so you can decide if it is the right choice for you.


Playing live casino games offers multiple advantages. To start with, it is a more social experience than a conventional online casino.

    1. Pleasurable and much more realistic. 
      • live dealer games render the excitement of taking on a real dealer. The closest feel to a physical casino without leaving your place.
    2. Easily interact with dealers and other players in the live chat room, taking out the gaps players may face in a real casino.
    3. Live dealer casinos offer convenience. It makes no difference what time of day it is, as long as there is an active game you can join.
      The restricted hours may occur in less popular games like baccarat or casino poker. While blackjack and roulette are always available.


The downside of live casino games may be the following:

      1. Limited seats with waiting time. Players may need to spectate in the games or in the lobby for available dealer rooms during its peak as they do in a physical casino.
      2. The minimum bet may be higher for online slots. This can be off-putting for newbie gamblers. The starting bet for blackjack is $25, $50, and $100 on the usual rate.
        • It is still possible to find games with a lower minimum bet for a larger online casino that caters for players with different stakes and appetites.
      3. Players can slow down the game. At times of long decision-making or connection issues.
        • There is a time limit, and it can be annoying at times, particularly in online blackjack or roulette.


If you’ve never been to a real online casino before, you may be wondering what you need to join the crowd. Don’t fret; here’s a list of the best checklist you can follow to meet the minimum requirements:

        1. a proper device,
        2. reliable internet connection,
        3. a payment method, and
        4. authentication data.

These should be easy to get since almost everyone has a powerful computer, a modern smartphone, or a tablet.

Check your mobile internet connection because a slow entertainment site can be very annoying. Additionally, make sure you have not disabled cookies.

Today, in Live casino Singapore, you can play with real human dealers.

Sign up effortlessly on the live casino platform. You can enjoy a variety of live casino games.